Emotional Intelligence Assessment

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Are you ready to increase your self-awareness, take control of our self-expression, and build better interpersonal relationships?

As an entrepreneur, leader in your organization, or a high-performing professional, understanding your emotional quotient (EQ), which is a measure of your emotional intelligence is critical for success. Once you understand who you are and how you show up in this world, you are better able to master your influence, boost your confidence, and reduce social awkwardness.""

What does the EQi-2.0 Assessment measure?

The EQ-i 2.0 measures a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we:

  1. perceive and express ourselves,
  2. develop and maintain social relationships,
  3. cope with challenges, and
  4. use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.

The EQ-i 2.0 model of emotional intelligence is comprised of fifteen factors across five categories of functioning. These skills, which form the building blocks of abilities such as communication, resilience, and time management, can be mapped theoretically and empirically to job competencies, productivity, academic performance, and other measures of success to help predict and improve functioning.

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I want to be your EQ Coach...

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Message from Dr. Keera...

Hello Trailblazer,

If I was skillful in emotional intelligence earlier in my career (and life), I believe it would have accelerated by professional growth and development--and a few socially awkward episodes could have been avoided as well! Thank God it is never too late! Broadly speaking, emotional intelligence addresses the emotional, personal, social, and survival dimensions of intelligence, which are often more important for daily functioning than the more traditional cognitive aspects of intelligence.

I was so fascinated with emotional intelligence, I decided to become a EQi-2.0 Certified Coach! Why?...

Because emotional intelligence is concerned with understanding yourself and others, relating to people, and adapting to and coping with your immediate surroundings in order to be more successful in dealing with the ever-increasing demands of life. The truth is that emotional intelligence helps to predict success, because it reflects how a person applies knowledge in the moment.

Simply stated, to measure emotional intelligence is to measure your “common sense” and ability to get along in the world.

As a raging introvert, ambitious entrepreneur, and transformational leader, I lean heavily on my emotional intelligence skills to increase my self-awareness, self-expression, interpersonal relationships, decision-making and resiliency.

But it all begins with taking the EQi-2.0 Assessment and understanding my scores. Let me help you get started.

What's next? Use this form to sign up for your assessment and then schedule a private 60-minute coaching call with me. I look forward to working with you!

Let's MOVE (Mind Our Vision Everyday)!

Dr. Keera Cleare-Godfrey



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