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Mastering Your Next Move with Confidence is an on-demand master class featuring Dr. Keera’s D-PART Model for leaving what is not working to pursue what can work--unapologetic trailblazing. Designed to evoke confidence and empowerment, this course reveals the five-step process that has been proven to achieve greatness and unfold the beauty that is you, from the inside out. With built-in activities and working time, all you need to bring is your note-taking device (pens and pencils allowed!) willingness to learn, and courage to unfold.


This Master Class is for Ambitious women who are ready for change and need a plan, strategy, and inspiration to get moving. Professionals who are on the verge of trying something new or venturing into uncharted territory and want to know the secrets to long-term success. Leaders who want to be more intentional and impactful in their approach to influencing others but feel stuck when identifying the next best step. This masterclass is NOT for those who still believe little fairies sprinkle pixie dust as a replacement for hard work.


As part of this 90-minute master class training, you will learn all five steps in the D-PART Model, which is a step-by-step guide designed to help you develop the skills and techniques required to overcome challenges that can hinder personal transformation and growth. We will cover the following core topics, fundamental to helping you successfully Master Your Next Move with Confidence.

  • How to make room for new, better, and best options for you to grow
  • 5 steps to making decisions worth protecting
  • Critical techniques for ensuring your dreams and desires are not derailed
  • 7 holistic pillars to assess your current state of being
  • How to plan your next move and achieve long-term success
  • Strategic techniques to take immediate action without wavering


You will leave the master class with:

    • Clarity about what you really want to be and do…and how to get it
    • Confidence to embrace who you are and how you desire to show up
    • A proven process to achieve your goals without compromise
    • Strategy to align your thoughts and behaviors with your decisions
    • A plan and empowerment to move forward
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About Dr. Keera Godfrey

With more than 20 years’ experience in stakeholder communications, Dr. Keera Godfrey, Ed.D., MBA, M.S. is an entrepreneur, educator, behavioral analyst, speaker, trainer, coach, and change strategist, with a heart for helping conscientious professionals elevate their voice in leadership. As an introvert who struggled finding her identity and voice, Dr. Godfrey created the Visionary Mindset System to help other ambitious, yet apprehensive personality styles dominate in business and in life.

With practical application of behavioral science research, coupled with her expertise leading complex business transformations, Dr. Keera is committed to helping others achieve lasting change, starting with self. Her coaching strategy empowers leaders to obtain maximum results and team performance through building emotional intelligence and transformational leadership skills.

Dr. Keera has her doctoral degree in education specializing in global training and development, and is a certified facilitator and leadership coach for the DISC Behavioral Style with Motivators Assessment, the Emotional Intelligence (EQi-2.0, EQ360) Assessments, and the Personality Style at Work (PSAW) Assessment.

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